Transportation Department


Business Manager




"Our mission is to provide safe and dependable transportation

to the children of the East Cleveland City School District."


The East Cleveland Transportation Department consists of 10 buses. All of our buses are required to pass the State Highway Patrol's annual inspection. All of our buses are equipped with digital cameras to protect students, staff and equipment. The District bus fleet is equipped with the "Zonar GPS System". This system will provide fleet tracking and routing information to maximize vehicle efficiency and help reduce costs. It will also provide real time data regarding daily routes driven.


The East Cleveland City School District Bus Fleet travels an average of 236 miles for regularly scheduled routes daily, The total approximate miles traveled last school year including extra-curricular activities and field trips totaled 61,393 miles.


Parents/Guardians your assistance ensuring your student is ready five minutes before the time the bus is scheduled to arrive is greatly appreciated.

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The East Cleveland City School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, age, handicap or sex.
The policy of equal opportunity governs every aspect of the district's operations and activities, including educational programs and employment.